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Water Damage Restoration in San Antonio

Has a sudden flood turned your basement into a below-ground pool? Contact Antonio Drywall Repair & Texture. Specializing in water damage restoration, we are the team to call when you’re in need. Our response time is immediate, and our services are affordable. Contact (210) 264-4784 today.


Complete Water Damage Restoration Services

When the unexpected happens, you can expect our company to be there. We are water remediation specialists, and we offer a complete range of water damage restoration services. Our professionals can help you with:

  • Flood restoration
  • Sewer backups
  • Roof leaks
  • Burst or frozen pipes
  • Emergency water damage

Dealing with water damage is a time-sensitive affair. The faster you act, the faster the restoration process will be. Emergencies happen. When they do, Antonio Drywall Repair & Texture is the only name to know.

Thorough Property Inspections by a Restoration Pro

We don't just eliminate cosmetic issues. When you encounter water damage on your property, we get down to the source of the problem. That's why when you give us a call, we'll send a certified technician to your property to conduct a rigorous step-by-step property inspection.

To start, we'll visually assess the ceiling for water spots in every room, paying special attention to areas nearby the sources of water in your home, like bathrooms. We'll trace the source of water entry, find out how the water travels throughout your home, and determine the appropriate remediation strategy to counteract it. We don't do surface-level jobs—we'll get to the root of the problem and make sure your property's structural, plumbing, and electrical systems are all secure. At the same time, we'll also inspect for mold and mildew that may have resulted from the water damage.

When we know the most effective course of action for your property, we'll give you a detailed explanation of what you can expect the work to entail and arrange convenient service times with you. We'll also provide you with a written quote of the cost of the job upfront. You'll be able to see precisely where your money is going before you sign a contract. If you need assistance liaising with your insurance company, we can help with that too.

Our Restoration Process

At our company, we don't just meet industry standards—we exceed them. Our restoration process is intensive, diligent, and precise. We leave no stone unturned from phase one to completion so that by the time we're through, your property is safer than ever.

After determining the sources of water entry and assessing the extent of damage, we get to work extracting all water with high-strength pumps and vacuums. Then, with the aid of state-of-the-art moisture meters and advanced thermal imaging cameras, we locate and target all moisture to dry and dehumidify. When all areas are dry, we sanitize every surface in sight. In fact, we even clean things out of sight by removing harmful toxins from the air with industry-leading air scrubbing machines. Finally, our contractors get to work replacing and restoring drywall, flooring, and everything else necessary to a sound and secure home.

We Restore Your Peace of Mind

Water can wreak havoc on a home. Even the smallest little leak can gradually release buckets of water into a home over time. What’s worse is that water can even reduce your home’s air quality.

What else can wreak havoc on a household? An unprofessional restoration specialist. They might extract the water, but they might fail to decontaminate your home. Not us, though. We follow a step-by-step process that is sure to keep your home dry, decontaminated, and damage-free. These steps include:

  • Water Detection and Identifying
  • Assessing Water Damage for Insurance Purposes
  • Water Removal
  • Removal of Damaged Drywall or Other Contents
  • Clean-Up and Decontamination
  • Sewage Cleanup
  • Dry and Dehumidify
  • Restoration and Repair Process

No matter the size of the job, the extent of the damage, or the scope of the project, you can count on our help. With us at hand, you'll have the peace of mind you deserve.

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Restoration and Renewal: The Antonio Drywall Repair & Texture Difference

Our services don't just restore a home to its original condition. We go a step further than that. Once we're finished undoing the dampness and damage, your basement will look better than ever before. This is because we do more than just drop a dehumidifier in your basement and wait for the room to dry out. As interior painters, drywall repairmen, and mold removal experts, we're able to make your moldy or water-damaged walls look better than ever.

What we're after is a total restoration for your property. Working with a meticulous eye for detail, we take every precaution to ensure all water-related damage is repaired, resolved, and removed. From there, we can offer a total renovation of your property. From top to bottom, we have you covered.

Other companies offer basic repairs, while we offer you the chance to reinvent your home. Don't hesitate to take advantage. Before you know it, you'll have your home looking brand-new.

Affordable Mold and Mildew Removal Services

Mold removal and remediation is an involved process. Thankfully, we are certified and trained professionals with extensive experience in eradicating all types of mold and mildew. Our company has invested in top-of-the-line, commercial-grade equipment proven to effectively remove mold growth.

Much like how mold doesn't appear overnight, the process of removing it can take a little bit of time. That said, we work more quickly than most of our competitors—without sacrificing quality. Where we save time is by following the strictest safety measures, inspecting the entirety of the contaminated area closely, and never beginning repairs until all your mold is removed. Simply put, we get the job done the right way, the first time around. That way, we can minimize the intrusiveness of our operations, and ensure that your building remains safe from all mold and mildew. And along the way, we find ways to cut your costs without cutting on quality. Saving you time, saving you money—all in a day's work for the team at Antonio Drywall Repair & Texture.

Breathe easy. With us on the job, your home will be free from pollutants in no time. At an affordable price, to boot.

24/7 Emergency Water Restoration Services

Despite how often water damage occurs as a result of neglected household issues, there are times when water damage is sudden and unexpected. When water floods into your home suddenly, you need someone who can be there quickly. Not next week or the following week, but ASAP. That's where we come in. We pledge to be on-site with all the needed equipment as quickly as possible.

If your health or safety is at immediate risk due to water damage, contact our staff right away. We prioritize emergency services and will dispatch a certified team member to your property promptly.

To make things less stressful for you, we also bill directly to your insurance company!

Contractors Committed to Their Customers

We are a small local operation, and we like to think of ourselves as a pillar of the community. We provide a professional boutique experience, where we can attend to each and every one of our customers' needs, wants, and concerns. We're here to give you the support you need so that you can stay safe and put your mind at ease.

As damage restoration experts, we keep the line of communication open with our clients. We provide regular updates on each project, making sure our clients stay informed of all the goings-on on the job site. With us, you can expect an honest, accountable, and professional contractor who is committed to you.

The Best Water Damage Restoration Team in San Antonio

Whether your precious hardwood floors have been drenched in dirty water or your living room walls are soaked to their core, we can help you. Other restoration teams have come and gone, but we've stood the test of time. All you have to do is call us and we'll be there.

The exceptional quality of our services has not gone unnoticed. It's earned us the praise of our peers and the acclaim of the contracting world. Our clients consistently appreciate our customer-first approach, our quality workmanship, and our unwavering commitment to excellent service. We know you will, too, once you try our services for yourself.

Your Satisfaction, Our Guarantee

We know we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We've done it for our many happy customers over the years, and there's no reason we can't do the same for you.

It's for that reason that we're proud to offer a customer satisfaction guarantee on all our services. We spare no expense in delivering the best quality service available. But if by some oversight we fail to live up to your expectations, then we'll do everything we can to fix the problem. The job's not done until we've achieved your total satisfaction.

Water Damage? We're Here to Help

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