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San Antonio Stucco Repair

Stucco is a popular home siding for many reasons – in addition to being water and wind resistant, it looks great, lasts for years, and it's relatively inexpensive when compared to other popular siding choices. However, the natural cycles of heating and cooling and the uneven settling of your home will eventually cause your stucco to develop cracks. When that happens, you can count on San Antonio's top stucco repair company, Antonio Drywall Repair & Texture.

Reliable Stucco Repair Services

Although stucco is a durable wall coating for interiors and exteriors, it can become damaged over time. When it does, you need a stucco repair company that can restore it to its original condition. In fact, one of the reasons that stucco is such an amazing building material is because it is repairable. Got a crack, chip, or hole? No problem. At Antonio Drywall Repair & Texture, stucco repair is one of our specialties.

Let our stucco experts restore your interior or exterior walls to their original condition. Understanding the complexities of working with this dynamic material, they'll ensure that your stucco surfaces retain their aesthetic, insulation, and structural properties. Our goal is to repair stucco before having to replace the whole wall. So, if you notice any bulges, cracks, or other signs of weakness in your stucco walls, give us a call and book an appointment.

Keep the Elements Out with Exterior Stucco Wall Repair

Stucco exteriors need to withstand the elements. Rain and sun typically cause the most damage and require specialized preventative processes. The most common signs of water damage include:

  • Stains
  • Blistering
  • Cracks

Water damage can cause a brand-new home to look decades old in just a few months.

Many consumers make the mistake of assuming there's a problem with their paint job. If it's a problem with the condition of the stucco, not only will water cause problems for the stucco, it may also cause problems for your home's insulation, structural frame, and masonry. Using state-of-the-art moisture reducing techniques, we will remediate, restore, and repair your exterior stucco walls.

Exterior Stucco Textures and Colors

One of the reasons we love stucco is the range of textures and colors can be created with it. And when it comes to repairing stucco, you need a company that can match your current exterior walls. You need stucco experts who can assess a pattern, texture, and color and reproduce it exactly. After the job is done, you won't be able to tell which part of the wall has been repaired, and which part is original. Seamless stucco repair!

Interior Stucco Repair Services

We also offer stucco repair for interior walls, bathrooms, ceilings, and decorative elements. Using interior-specific stucco solutions, we're able to make repairs that retain the elegance of the original surface. We can match any texture to produce a charming, seamless finish. Let our experts repair the stucco surfaces in your home or business.

If your interior walls have suffered water damage, we will take every step necessary to ensure that there is no mold hiding behind your walls. In some cases, we may have to remove portions of the wall or ceiling in order to eliminate any potential signs of mold. By getting to the source of the problem, our goal is to prevent future moisture problems from cropping up.

If you need residential or commercial interior stucco repairs, contact the experts at Antonio Drywall Repair & Texture to book an appointment today. We always address problems under the surface.

Experienced Stucco Repair Specialists

We are known throughout the region for offering fast, reliable, and long-lasting stucco repair services. How do we do it? Focus.

Rather than trying to offer every service on the sun, our business is based on the idea of doing one thing and doing it well. That's why everyone on our drywall and stucco repair team is an expert with years of experience and training in the field. Our team has proven time, and again that consistency marks the difference between us and the competition. Our repairs fit seamlessly into the existing stucco work and will last for years to come.

If you want a stucco repair team that is already trusted by hundreds of San Antonio residents, you need to contact Antonio Drywall Repair & Texture today.

Commercial Stucco Repair

In business, first impressions are everything. If you have stucco on your commercial property, your business depends on keeping it in good condition—not just for the structural integrity, but also for conversion!

We repair both interior and exterior stucco surfaces. Our experts will match both the texture and color of your existing stucco, masking the fact that there was ever any damage at all. These advanced techniques have made us one of the most sought-after stucco companies in the region.

Residential Stucco Repair

We offer fast and efficient stucco repair services to San Antonio homeowners. We can repair:

  • Leaking stucco siding
  • Heavy stucco staining
  • Thin cracks along the surface
  • Bulges or bubbling in finish
  • Missing pieces of stucco
  • Chipped stucco

It all begins with an inspection of your stucco's current condition. During the assessment, we will create a plan and a quote for the repairs. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to stucco repair. Not only do we have to tailor repairs to the specific damage, but often stucco damage is caused by underlying problems.

For example, poorly sealed windows or drains may result in water damage to exterior stucco. Or larger structural problems with your home may cause cracks in stucco.

Once we have determined the cause and extent of the damage, we will propose a set of solutions. We put in the extra effort to diagnose root causes and prevent damage from recurring in the future.

Stucco Maintenance for Lasting Results

Remember that stucco requires regular upkeep and maintenance. If you notice that your stucco is beginning to chip or bubble, it's important to call in the experts straight away. Failure to properly maintain your stucco wall may result in costly repairs down the road.

Don't let your stucco walls age prematurely. Call in the maintenance experts!

Quality Workmanship on Stucco Repair

We believe that the only way to do a job properly is to put everything you have into it. That's why quality is so important to us. We begin and end every project with an enormous sense of personal responsibility. Everyone on the team undergoes rigorous training and has years of experience. We know what quality means. And we're here to deliver it.

Choose the stucco company that will repair your surface to its original condition and make it last for years to come.

Stucco repair is nothing to panic about

Here at Antonio Drywall Repair & Texture, we have plenty of experience in repairing San Antonio's stucco walls. It can be distressing when your home is showing visible signs of wear and damage, but you don't need to worry – we can get your stucco walls back in great condition in no time at all.

Properly cared for, stucco walls will last for decades – hundred-year-old stucco buildings are not uncommon in some parts of the world! However, once stucco walls have been damaged, it's important to act quickly. A crack in a stucco wall will allow water to penetrate the stucco and damage it from the inside out. This can lead to serious problems further down the road, including mold, mildew, and rot.

Fortunately, San Antonio's stucco experts are at your disposal. We have years of experience in repairing cracked and damaged stucco at homes and businesses all over the San Antonio area. If your stucco has been damaged for some time, we will first take steps to ensure that the inside of the wall is as dry and free of mold as possible. Then we will professionally and expertly repair the damage and, if necessary, paint. When we're finished, you'll never know your stucco was damaged in the first place.

To contact San Antonio's stucco experts, simply give Antonio Drywall Repair & Texture a call. We'll be happy to give you an estimate or answer any other questions you might have.


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